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Tree Removal Services

Hazardous Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal

At Budget Arbor and Logging we will inspect and evaluate your trees. We have the knowledge and experience to tell if a tree can be saved or not. We will keep you safe and get the job done right.

Watch Out for These Tree Hazards

  • Leaning Trees
  • Splitting Trees
  • Decaying Trees
  • Dead Branches & Limbs
  • Root Damage

Hire the Best Tree Removal Company

No matter the size or the scope of your tree work, Budget Arbor & Logging can remove it safely. Our expertise and state of the art equipment make us your go to choice for tree removal in the Spokane, Post Falls, Coeur D'Alene, and surrounding areas. We'll work within your budget. We clean, chip, and haul lumber and debris.

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Tree Cutting Experts

Experience you can trust and AFFORD!

We have been providing affordable tree service for over 35 years. Offering professional tree cutting services, pruning, tree removal, and maintenance. If branches are too high to easily reach, you should call the experts. It can be dangerous to get on a ladder and do it yourself. We work directly with the utility companies to safely drop power lines

Storm Damage

Our professional team is here to take special care when unexpected damage occurs due to storms and winds. We have the skills and tools to trim, prune, or remove your trees safely. We have experience removing trees that have fallen onto structures and have caused damage. We clean, haul, and remove all storm damage debris.

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